Jyozankei Hotspring, Sapporo

Jyozankei is a popular resort for Sapporo People.
Just 30 minutes from the center you will be in a different world of hot spring spas!

This is one of the most frequented hotels, for its reasonable price and good water.

Every place in Jyozankei seemed busy today.

This is Daikokuya hot sweet bum shop.
I was told to wait for one hour to get their manjyu.( stemy hot sweet bum with sweet bean jam inside)

The hot spring park had many visitors.

People enjoyed foot bathing here.

The symbol of this place is Kappa, the imeginary animal who, believed, to live in rivers or ponds.
There are many kapp statues in this area.

This one has a very flexible body!

This one with a crown may be the Miss Kappa?

This Kappa enjoys taking a bath!

Sring certainly brings tourist to this resort town.


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