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Jyozankei Hotspring, Sapporo

Jyozankei is a popular resort for Sapporo People.
Just 30 minutes from the center you will be in a different world of hot spring spas!

This is one of the most frequented hotels, for its reasonable price and good water.

Every place in Jyozankei seemed busy today.

This is Daikokuya hot sweet bum shop.
I was told to wait for one hour to get their manjyu.( stemy hot sweet bum with sweet bean jam inside)

The hot spring park had many visitors.

People enjoyed foot bathing here.

The symbol of this place is Kappa, the imeginary animal who, believed, to live in rivers or ponds.
There are many kapp statues in this area.

This one has a very flexible body!

This one with a crown may be the Miss Kappa?

This Kappa enjoys taking a bath!

Sring certainly brings tourist to this resort town.


As you like it — seafood rice bowl in Kushiro, Hokkaido!

When you are in Kushiro, be sure to visit Washo Fish Market!

In this market, try a KATTEDON.

Look around the fish mongers.

And if you are hungry, buy a bigportion of rice in a bowl.

And then visit fish shops and buy slices of your favorite sashimi.

I asked for local fish.
so I has cod, Atka Macrarel, haribut.
As they are all white meat fish, I wanted some colors.
So I have some salmon and baked egg.

Here it is! It was delicious.
Of course I had to have a crab miso soup, too!!!

Swan Lake Kussharo, Hokkaido

Kussharo is a Swan Lake now!

This is what you will see at Lake Kussharo early in April.

Many beautiful swan are resting at the lake.

And playing with kids.

The geothermal heat makes the beach very warm and comfortable.

There is even a hot bathtub for the swans??