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Sapporo Autumn Festival (2)

In Block 4, I found my friend working at the information booth.
We talked and talked and talked, mostly not nice things about a writer we both know well.
It’s so much fun to gossip! Don’t pretend to be a saint!

Anyway, we finally said good byes and I walked around Block 5 and met other friends.
Wow, this festival is quite popular with my friends.

Next Block 6
This is my favorite area in this park because there are lots of trees that give the relaxing atmosphere.
There are several international food booths.
I might want to try some of them.

My favorite spanish rice dish paella.

Indian curry

Turkish kabab

Danish dishes

All looked very good and interesting.

In Block 7 wine and alcoholic drinks are featured.

In Block 8
This block is very interesting.

There are many smaller booths operated by people from small rural towns.
There are more middle aged amatuer( probably)vendors and cooks.

There are aslo farmers’ markets and various local dishes are sold here for cheaper prices.

The next time I come I will come directly to Block 8 and order some fresh sea-foods.

When I told my impression to my daughter, she agrred with me
— and added that she had already eaten in Block 8 twice and coming back next Monday!

This festival is reeeeally popular!


Sapporo Autumn Festival

At Sapporo Odori Park, the Autumn Festival has been held.

All my friends said,” Oh, The site is tooo crowded. Don’t go! There are too long lines at every shops!”

Well, I was curious but I didn’t go to the festival until today.

Today, it was a weekday( good!) and raining (better) and very cold(perfect!)
So I went out a littel bit earlier for my appointment and took a look at the festival.
I regreted that I had a big lunch.
Anyway, my walk started at Odori 1

The sky was very dark. I was thinking that there would be fewer people at the festival.

Odori 2

Odori 3

This is a popular corn vender. A bad business day?

The Festival site is between block 4 and block 8

Odori Block 4

At the Information center, dressed-up squashes welcome you!

This is where you get the information and light snacks as well as local artists’ works.

The Festival site was not at all crowded.
–rather it looked like it was deserted…
I was right! But maybe I should have come during the weekend? To experience the festive mod of the festival?

This is the strating point of the festival.
… to be continued…..