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Lavenders in Sapporo

Did you know that the first lavender in Hokkaido was grown in Sapporo?
People just associate lavenders with Frano without even thinking.

Wait a minutes!

The first lavenders were grown in an experiment farm in Sapporo.
The original farm no longer exists and on the land now stands the Sapporo Campus of Tokai University.
The University have recreated a lavender garden in their campus.
The garden is open to the public during the flower season.

The original lavenders are relocated here and some others were given by Mr. Tomita, the owner of Tomita Farm in Furano.
Okanurasaki, the original plant.

English lavender Hidecourt

Yes, the University is on a hill and in a residential area.
So there are always people stroling.


Summer has arrived to the north beach — in Rumoi

Rumoi is a small port city facing the Sea of Japan.
The coastline around Rumoi is beautiful and is also known for the high sea waves.

People say the sea waves off Rumoi is one of the three highest in Japan?? or in the wrold???
Yes, indeed
The waves are rough and raging during winter.

But not in summer! Look at the blue sky and the quiet sea.

Peole enjoy crab fishing!

Actually the crabs are so tiny you cannot eat them so they are just having fun.
I used to catch dozens of crabs here.

There were some sea creatures depicted on the pavement.
Look! I loved them all! They are very well done, aren’t they?

A Day Trip to Furano

At a tiny alley of artcraft shops in the forest…

There are owls carved in some of these stones.
Can you find them?

Yes, here’s one!

On Thursday, I made a trip to Frano to see lavenders.

And to eat delicious lavender flavored ice cream.