Best scallop quish!





This is a bakery I love.

hey have really tasty quish
spinach, shrimp, or scallop..

Of course I didn’t hesitate and picked up scallop ones.
The bread they sell hear is the best in Hokkaido.

W ate the quish in the car before we continue our driving.


Shakotan Peninshula many single rocks

Just 90 miuntes drive from Sapporo.

Shakotan Peninshula!!DSC02582

This is where people go to eat sea urchin, swimming and just to drive along the beutiful coast line!

this candle rock is also called as kannon rock- a Buddha of benevolence.

So very gentle?


Lavenders in Furano  exactly not yet….

This is what you see at Farm Tomita in Furano now in early May.


Only in their greenhouse

The flowers are beautiful and actually there are another kind blooming here.

But this is again in theri greenhouse.

Things have just started.

A cherry tree is now in bloom.
There are spring flowers here and there.

As always lavender flavoerd ice cream is good.

But spring has just come to Furano.

In a few months, there will be purple carpetted fields everywhere.

Jyozankei Hotspring, Sapporo

Jyozankei is a popular resort for Sapporo People.
Just 30 minutes from the center you will be in a different world of hot spring spas!

This is one of the most frequented hotels, for its reasonable price and good water.

Every place in Jyozankei seemed busy today.

This is Daikokuya hot sweet bum shop.
I was told to wait for one hour to get their manjyu.( stemy hot sweet bum with sweet bean jam inside)

The hot spring park had many visitors.

People enjoyed foot bathing here.

The symbol of this place is Kappa, the imeginary animal who, believed, to live in rivers or ponds.
There are many kapp statues in this area.

This one has a very flexible body!

This one with a crown may be the Miss Kappa?

This Kappa enjoys taking a bath!

Sring certainly brings tourist to this resort town.

As you like it — seafood rice bowl in Kushiro, Hokkaido!

When you are in Kushiro, be sure to visit Washo Fish Market!

In this market, try a KATTEDON.

Look around the fish mongers.

And if you are hungry, buy a bigportion of rice in a bowl.

And then visit fish shops and buy slices of your favorite sashimi.

I asked for local fish.
so I has cod, Atka Macrarel, haribut.
As they are all white meat fish, I wanted some colors.
So I have some salmon and baked egg.

Here it is! It was delicious.
Of course I had to have a crab miso soup, too!!!

Swan Lake Kussharo, Hokkaido

Kussharo is a Swan Lake now!

This is what you will see at Lake Kussharo early in April.

Many beautiful swan are resting at the lake.

And playing with kids.

The geothermal heat makes the beach very warm and comfortable.

There is even a hot bathtub for the swans??

Winter has come at Okurayama Ski Jump Hill!

In 1972, the Winetr Olympic Games were held at Okurayama Ski JUmp Hill.
Japan’s ski jump team monopolized the medals in thw 90 meter class event.

Today, many ski jum competitions are held and also jumpers practice even during summer time.

In early December 2011 , when I visited the Hill, it was covered with beautiful soft snow.

We took the double chair lift up to the observation deck.

The Celebration of 7, 5, 3 at Hokkaido Shrine

Let me quote wikipedia entries on 7.5.3 celebration.
…Except for academic writing, quoting information on wikipedia is an accepted practice, isn’t it?

    “Seven-Five-Three” is a traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three- and seven-year-old girls and three- and five-year-old boys, held annually on November 15.

    It is said to have originated in the Heian Period amongst court nobles who would celebrate the passage of their children into middle childhood. The ages three, five and seven are consistent with Japanese numerology, which dictates that odd numbers are lucky.
    Over time, this tradition passed to the samurai class who added a number of rituals. By the Meiji Period, the practice was adopted amongst commoners as well, and included the modern ritual of visiting a shrine to drive out evil spirits and wish for a long healthy life.

In Hokkaido, instead of NOvember 15, October 15 is 7ー5ー3 celebration day.
But it’s OK to come anytime around October 15th.

So on October 8, one week before, as the weather was very nice, many parents took their children to Hokkaido Shrine.

There is a 7.5.3 Festival sign at the entrance.

Wow! I have never seen so many people qeueing in front of this tea shop.
Qeueing to be seated and have a cup of tea and cookie for free??
I think, people just enjoy staying longer in the Shrine.

Look, there were even stalls that sell cootton candy, light snacks and toys.

The children are all dressed up in thier kimono ( or Halama for boys).

First, everybody have to clearn thier mouth and hands at the water fountain.

Oh, the famous old judge Mr. Shima is even smiling.

After paying the fee, the families sit inside the prayer hall and get blessed by the priests.
When it’s over, chidren get a big flat candy called chitoseame, (literally translated- thousand year old candy)in the hope they live as long as one thousand year. (… impossible!)
But that what every parent hope for their kids all over the world in any era.

There are so many happy faces!!
All over the Shrine compound people are taking pictures.

Some parents took thoer child for 100 day’s blessing.

Some took their new cars to get blessed.

Some people are wishing good luck in their lives.

Some are reading a written oracle hoping to have a good luck in their lives.

So many hopes and wishes of so many people at Hokkaido Shrine on October 8th,2011.

Sapporo Autumn Festival (2)

In Block 4, I found my friend working at the information booth.
We talked and talked and talked, mostly not nice things about a writer we both know well.
It’s so much fun to gossip! Don’t pretend to be a saint!

Anyway, we finally said good byes and I walked around Block 5 and met other friends.
Wow, this festival is quite popular with my friends.

Next Block 6
This is my favorite area in this park because there are lots of trees that give the relaxing atmosphere.
There are several international food booths.
I might want to try some of them.

My favorite spanish rice dish paella.

Indian curry

Turkish kabab

Danish dishes

All looked very good and interesting.

In Block 7 wine and alcoholic drinks are featured.

In Block 8
This block is very interesting.

There are many smaller booths operated by people from small rural towns.
There are more middle aged amatuer( probably)vendors and cooks.

There are aslo farmers’ markets and various local dishes are sold here for cheaper prices.

The next time I come I will come directly to Block 8 and order some fresh sea-foods.

When I told my impression to my daughter, she agrred with me
— and added that she had already eaten in Block 8 twice and coming back next Monday!

This festival is reeeeally popular!

Sapporo Autumn Festival

At Sapporo Odori Park, the Autumn Festival has been held.

All my friends said,” Oh, The site is tooo crowded. Don’t go! There are too long lines at every shops!”

Well, I was curious but I didn’t go to the festival until today.

Today, it was a weekday( good!) and raining (better) and very cold(perfect!)
So I went out a littel bit earlier for my appointment and took a look at the festival.
I regreted that I had a big lunch.
Anyway, my walk started at Odori 1

The sky was very dark. I was thinking that there would be fewer people at the festival.

Odori 2

Odori 3

This is a popular corn vender. A bad business day?

The Festival site is between block 4 and block 8

Odori Block 4

At the Information center, dressed-up squashes welcome you!

This is where you get the information and light snacks as well as local artists’ works.

The Festival site was not at all crowded.
–rather it looked like it was deserted…
I was right! But maybe I should have come during the weekend? To experience the festive mod of the festival?

This is the strating point of the festival.
… to be continued…..